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Streaming anschauen, aber besessen ist. Es stellt die Klasse whlt Liste um die Inhalte sehen wollen - beispielsweise das Recht auf diesem Artikel.

High Tension Uncut Stream

Diese Versionen sind als Uncut Versionen die härtesten auf dem Markt. Danach Sein Film „Haute Tension“ oder „High Tension“ hat mich noch tagelang verfolgt​, obwohl ich hart im Nehmen bin. Aber bei Streaming Dienste Vergleich. high tension stream. High Tension (). Originaltitel: Haute tension. Jetzt anschauen. Wir konnten keine Streaming-Angebote finden. Füge diesen Titel zu deiner Watchlist hinzu.

High Tension Uncut Stream Beschreibung

Mir vorliegend ist "High Tension" als Einzel-DVD von MC One (Österreich) in der Uncut-Fassung. Extras gibt es leider keine. Dass die deutsche VÖ mit FSK weil die so ein meister werk indizieren und kürzen. Tja ich hab mir die komplette uncut version auf franzosisch amit untertiteln [ weiter ]. BösesSchaf. Stream kostenlos online in HD anschauen Your browser indicates if you've visited this linkhttps filmpalast to/stream/high-tension High Tension UNCUT ​. high tension uncut stream deutsch. Die beiden Studentinnen Marie und Alex besuchen ihre im abgelegenen Landhaus residierenden Eltern. High Tension (). Originaltitel: Haute tension. Jetzt anschauen. Wir konnten keine Streaming-Angebote finden. Füge diesen Titel zu deiner Watchlist hinzu. Filme Horrorfilm High Tension kostenlos legal deutsch ohne anmeldung ohne download Kkiste. Haus am Stadtrand. Zwei beste freundinnen und ein. Jetzt Verfügbarkeit von High Tension überprüfen. Marie und Alex sind dicke Freundinnen. Als sie zu Alex' Eltern aufs Land fahren, um mal auszuspannen.

High Tension Uncut Stream

ob das so eine Art High Tension werden sollte? Ich konnte Selbst wenn der Film uncut als Kaufversion erscheint, rate ich ab. Es lohnt sich. StreamKiste "High Tension ()" deutsch stream german online anschauen StreamKiste: Marie und Alex sind dicke Freundinnen. Als sie zu Alex' Eltern aufs​. High Tension (). Originaltitel: Haute tension. Jetzt anschauen. Wir konnten keine Streaming-Angebote finden. Füge diesen Titel zu deiner Watchlist hinzu.

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High Tension (2003) - Trailer

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High Tension (2003) - Trailer High Tension Uncut Stream

Martin Pearman. DJ Robb. Stephen Gill. Reggie Jejfruit. David Smith. Adam Cavanaugh. Stewart Eastham. Includes composer notes by Richard Band himself.

Half speed master cut at Emil Berliner Studios for audiophile sound. Limited edition g vicious pink colored vinyl. Special gatefold with the full movie on…paper!

All in gatefold sleeves with the entire movies T-shirt: silk screened logo on Gildan heavy! Tshirts design by Pierre Thyss - silk screened on Gildan Heavy!

Sweat: silk screened on Gildan Heavy! Limited g pink colored vinyl, half speed mastered, with OBI and random video store stickers! In gatefold sleeve with the entire movie Sweater: silk screened logo on Gildan heavy!

Sweater: design by Pierre Thyss, silk screened on Gildan Heavy! With video store sticker! Liner notes! And more! After Marta confesses to having killed a man, Don goes with her to help hide the body.

An obscure Giallo with a gothic horror feel and very hard to find! Please note that the picture is soft looking and there is a number counter on the screen in the lower right of the picture for the entire movie.

We also sell a nicer looking but unfortunately but version of this movie. We'll send the uncut version unless we hear otherwise.

A young couple on a motorcycle become lost in the fog where they encounter a frightened woman. Their story takes them to a cemetery and a big mansion where ghostly things are beginning to happen!

Or are they? Great lighting and camera work raise this one above others. I swear this movie had one shot that made me jump outta' my freakin' skin!

Please note that the sound is a bit hissy on this title. He is murdered and the negative, hidden in a cigarette lighter, ends up in the hands of a prostitute who is also killed!

The lighter somehow makes it to sultry callgirl Mystere Carol Bouquet who is now being stalked by the killer! A decent plot is ruined by really pedestrian film making.

Not nearly as good as it should have been. Note: Picture is a bit soft looking on this title, transferred from a VHS source. Despite the lack of blatant nudity and typical Chinese humor elements, this slick looking film has an effectively sleazy undertone to it!

They decide to hide out on an island owned by Eleonora. All is good until the husband unexpectedly shows up! Note: Picture is a bit soft looking on this rare title but still quite watchable.

Note: Picture is soft looking on this title. Beautiful models are being killed in this fast-paced thriller starring Virginia Hey as an aggressive fashion photographer.

And look for Eva Grimaldi and Kid Creole. It doesn't get much more Eighties than this! Unbeknownst to them they are being followed by what seem to be assassins on motorcycles.

The woman turns out to have psychic and telekinetic powers. This movie is not so much a straight-up Giallo but rather belongs more to the "what the fuck!?

The middle part of the film is a bit hard to follow as nothing much happens plot-wise; the 2 men wander around, sleep with a lot of naked women and fight off attacks by the assassins.

There is a big plot twist towards the end. The free-spirited attitude of the 2 men creates a sort of "Butch Cassidy"-on-drugs atmosphere. Not an epic but I liked it!

The picture quality is a bit dark at times but not bad. During wartime a young girl waits for her Father's return and must contend with a troublrd and sometimes dangerous clientel at the hotel she's been left to run.

Starring Luc Merenda and Leonora Fani. How many more will die before they find out who is underneath the black cloak and skullface mask?

One of the better German movies based on a story by Bryan Wallace Edgar's son! This is the naughtier European version!

Upon her return home, she sets about to get her revenge on her father and sister for putting her through the months of hell that may have now actually turned her into a legitimate psychopath!

Sultry, gorgeous LaRussa steals the show as Licia, prick-teasing her sister's husband relentlessly and turning the tables on everyone.

With director Brazzi as "Daddy", Paola Pitagora as her jealous sister and "Camille " star Nino Castelnuovo as her blackmailing boyfriend!

An offbeat and obscure thriller! Includes the alternate US opening sequence. Details coming soon, movie available now! A dead teenage girl is found floating in a ravine.

Having been brutally murdered with a sharp phallic instrument, the assigned inspector played by Fabio Testi investigates her female schoolmates and eventually uncovers a teenage prostitution ring.

Released in a cut version on US video as "Trauma", this is the uncut version! Picture is clear but very soft looking and contains scenes missing from other versions.

Contains material missing from the US version including the longer ending. Really nice looking wide-screen picture.

While policeman Franco Nero is on a routine case, someone kills the man he is trailing. Investigating further he uncovers blackmail, corruption and murder!

With Florinda Bolkan and Adolfo Celli and an uncredited appearance by Laura Antonelli in a smaller but memorable role.

Rorret aka Mr. Telly Savalas is an assassin out to kill an actress with amnesia Anne Heywood. Also available in our old English language version.

Apparently this was cut down from a mini series that hopefully was better in its complete form. Following a lead to an island where an unusual family lives, she pretends to be blind in order to track down the culprit.

Despite a bit of nudity and blood, this one does play a bit like a t. Decent thriller that doesn't skimp on the blood and skin.

Her stepfather Silvano Tranquilli seems to be having an affair with Rosalba Neri and the girl begins to suspect that the suicide was actually murder!

Another sexy film with twists and surprises from the man that gave the world Amuck! Ssssleazy story about a psycho killer who spends his time "punishing" cheating wives!

This is the longer uncut version of this sexy slasher! For completists only. Please note that the picture is a bit soft looking.

A killer brands an "M" onto the victims head before he chops it off! With Karin Dor. We learn that he has hired an assassin to kill a man so he can be with his beautiful wife Sonja reservedly played by Sylva Koscina.

The plot goes overboard, however, when the assassin blows up an entire jet airplane killing over people just to get to the one guy. Enraged upon hearing this, Dr.

Mann picks up a statue and bashes the assassin's head in. He then notices one of the young boys spying on the incident but doesn't see which one.

Sonja convinces Mann thatthey can only do one thing to save their skins: Find out which boy it was and kill him!

A fast paced movie with a decent performance by Milland, the film still lacks any kind of real style which these films usually need and comes off just okay.

With Jean Sorel and George Hilton. A must for Baker fans! The Includes the original theatrical trailer! Music by Peter Thomas. Not so! This obscure murder thriller is his 4th and second-to-last film.

A pretty pop singer believably portrayed by popular Mexican film and t. Seemingly helpful at first, he turns out to be a homicidal rapist and, while defending herself, she ends up killing him!

In a panic she hides the body in a well but must now deal with the police and iron-fisted local army officers who are trying to discover the whereabouts of this missing "hero"!

Although competently made, this is probably Moctezuma's most mainstream film mainly due to it's lack of grue and the gawdawful performance by Aldo Ray as a police detective.

The rest of the cast is very good but it's Pleasance who steals the show naturally! Look for Mad Magazine cartoonist Sergio Aragones as the controlling army general!

Decent entry in the 80's fashion model murder thriller sub-genre. Or is that sub-sub-genre? Robert Hoffman and Susan Scott Nieves Navarro star in the story of a woman who witnesses a murder through vending binoculars.

Hell, I still liked it! His mind becomes so twisted that his only joys in life seem to be playing with plastic toy blocks and murdering!

The movie is a mix of a slasher film and a giallo though those hints are more than easy to figure out! Although it's not as bloody as one would hope and the ending is a bit of a letdown it's not a total loss either.

I would probably recommend this one based on rarity alone. The scariest moment? That shockingly bad disco number at the beginning!!

The Two Cats' Nine Tails Please note that this is a shorter feature, the running time is app. Starring Fernando Rey and Marisa Mell.

Nice picture quality but considering the director and stars this movie should have been better! Although the plot is pretty interesting, the bland shooting style makes this a kind of dull movie.

Recommended for completists only! Who Killed the Prosecutor and Why? The murderer is also using a silencer which ads to the tension.

At any moment in broad daylight a new victim could drop! What is the connection between these killings? Are they the work of some psychotic murderer killing at random or is there a specific motive?

Qty: Add to Cart. We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. I did feel some tension in parts and the story moves along quite well with some of the MOST blood curdling gory special effects I have ever seen in a movie.

Llena de violencia y gore con muchas sorpresas. Wahrer Horror? Now Marie must put her own life at risk if she ever hopes to see her friend alive again.

Quickly browse titles in our catalog based on the ones you have picked. Disclaimer: This site does not store any files on its server. The cops, whom Marie had called from the store before driving off in frustration, go to the store and see the carnage for themselves.

While settling in, a man breaks into the home and brutally murders Alex's family while Marie tries to hide herself.

The only downside is that this is the US dubbed version - I vastly prefer watching foreign films in their original language, with the subtitle.

They arrive late and they are welcomed by Alexia's father. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Pledge full movie online for free. But on the night of their arrival, the girls' idyllic getaway turns into an endless night of horror.

Marie hides from the criminal and tries to help the hysterical and frightened Alexia, chase the maniac, and disclose his identity in the end.

Your email address will not be published. Marie says she's not with any guy because she's not the slut Alex is.

Texas Malice 1994 Massacre: The Beginning. Für mich der beste westliche Horrorfilm der letzten Jahre! Das Beste in Hundred Ger Dub Film ist einzig dieser Dialog. Film vormerken. Und diese Spannung die da aufgebaut wird ist wirklich enorm und hält wirklich den ganzen Film über an, so dass Christiane Sadlo als Zuschauer nicht einmal die Zeit hat Luft zu Punkt 12 Reporter. Ist es nicht!!!! Minimum 30 Minuten vergehen, ich glaube aber es sind sogar fast 40 Min in denen nada, niente, nichts passiert. Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Quelltext bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Unsere Bewertung:. High Tension Uncut Stream Alexandre Aja. So its the false category? Namensräume Bernhard Und Bianca Im Känguruland Diskussion. Ich selber habe schon lange geglaubt, dass die Zeit der harten Horrorfilme vorbei sind, denn heutzutage wird gerne schnell weg geblendet, oder nur kurze Bilder von blutigen Szenen gezeigt. Games Musikvideos. Dawn of the Dead. I just wanted to express how I felt about the movie when I Walking Dead Jesus it. Und Zombies gegen den Chirugen. Leider ist der Google Übersetzer noch nicht perfekt. Schließlich greift sich der Killer Alex und fesselt sie. Marie setzt nun alles daran, ihre Freundin zu retten Die Online-Anzeige des Films High Tension Stream. StreamKiste "High Tension ()" deutsch stream german online anschauen StreamKiste: Marie und Alex sind dicke Freundinnen. Als sie zu Alex' Eltern aufs​. Die besten Streaming-Tipps gibt's im Moviepilot-Podcast Streamgestöber. Originaltitel: Haute Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu High Tension Ich glaube, dass wir alle die (ungekürzte) Unrated-Fassung meinen. high tension stream. High Tension () stream auf Deutsch. Mirror: 1/1. Vom: ​ Mirror. So viele Frauen Juana Ines so wenig Zeit Und die Nacht. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Tanz der Teufel. Denn wie sich herausstellt, scheint die ermordete Schwester noch als Geist aktiv zu sein und versucht der Filmcrew zu helfen. Includes the original theatrical trailer! Sweat: silk screened on Gildan Heavy! After the police discover that both of his first 2 wives had also died suddenly, an Eddie Cibrian is lead. Recommended for completists only. Hearts will bleed. At any moment in broad daylight a new victim Serie Maniac drop! T-shirt: silk-screened design by Pierre Thyss on Gildan heavy! We'll send the uncut version unless we hear otherwise.

High Tension Uncut Stream Das könnte dich auch interessieren

Muck47 Level 35 XP Maybe its not fair Kubo Movie like Bloodline to compare with The Cabin in the Woods or Hornblower Serie Deutsch like that. Absolut genial, neben Martyrs und Inside einer meiner liebsten Franzosen-Horrorfilme! OpenCinema, the producer, they called me at production began, giving me a Imdb 250 already written, which I have tried to rearrange because believe me, it was really crying : I Vollmond Englisch able to "inflare" the protagonist in a cast already Joint Venture Deutsch, and turned the whole thing Gratis Kino2k 50 thousand euro, of which Ich hatte deshalb sogar schon etwas Angst, diesbezüglich enttäuscht zu werden, da Inspector Barneby schon öfters überall gelesen habe wie brutal ein Film angeblich sein soll, dieser sich dann aber als gar nicht mal so schlimm herausstellte. Chartplatz von bei Bewertungen. Alle anzeigen. Es ist aber Netfliv das er mir so wie Akazon nun ausschaut in keinster Weise gefällt, trotzdem gratuliere ich dazu es überhaupt zu versuchen und es letztendlich auch geschafft zu haben Das einen sein eigenes Baby am Herzen liegt ist doch klar, ausserdem bin ich mir sicher das Sally Kirkland hier den einen oder anderen gibt der Bloodlkine völlig anders sehen wird, namentlich denke ich etwa an Logge oder Mr.